English Page

Welcome to Yumerakuen!
We are a BDSM Femdom club located in Juso, Osaka and has been in business for 30 years. Many talented and beautiful Mistresses are registered with us to fulfill your hidden desires; Sometimes sweetly and sometimes strictly.

If there is a specific sexual disposition or fetish, feel free to inform us.
We promise your satisfaction.

We await for your inquires and reservation.

We do not have a reception office or dungeon. Mistresses are dispatched to the Love Hotels in Western Juso, Osaka.
Our club is registered with the local authorities under the Japanese "Entertainment and Amusement Trade Control Act " Law.


Mistress Name :    Ruby

Height          157cm

Bust(cup size)    86(F)cm

Waist           60cm

Hip            84cm

Joined club      April 1st 2013

Hobbies/Talents   Dancing・Watching movie・Driving

Charm point      Eyes, body

Favorite play

Face sitting, Binding, Anal fucking (dildo, vibrator, fucking machine, fisting), Humiliation, Spitting, Golden shower, Scat(sometimes), Foot Fetish(Foot job), Tickling, Electro torture, Story play, hand job, Cross-dressing, Whipping, caning.. and more

Schedule days:

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday

Appointment hours

12-7pm Changes according to dates (Please inquire for any other hours)

Message from Owner

Ruby is a happy and cheerful person. She has been with this club for a long time and can play from soft to hard.

Message from Mistress

Hello !! I'm Mistress Ruby. Please tell me your requests. My English is not perfect but I've been studying and can speak easy English. I love SM!! Let's make our world together!


Process of play

Please fill in the reservation form and send it to the Mistress to book. The mistress will confirm your information and respond to you via mail. NOTE: At this point, your reservation is temporal! You must CALL the mistress to book, in order for the reservation to be final.

Play fee must be paid in ADVANCE, in Japanese Yen cash only!!

※Play fee (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday)  

60minutes  ¥18,000-
90minutes  ¥26,000-
120minutes ¥34,000-
150minutes ¥42,000-
180minutes ¥50,000-

¥8000 charged for every 30 minutes extended over 180minutes

※Scat or Binge play

60minutes  ¥26,000-
120minutes ¥42,000-

¥8000 charged for every 30 minutes extended after 120 minutes

※Rate is for either scat or binge. If both is requested, an additional¥8.000 is charged.

※Scat is done naturally (no enema is used). Due to the Mistresses condition, scat may not be performed.In that case, you will be refunded¥8.000

※Discounted play fee(Wednesday and Sunday)

60minutes  ¥14,000-
90minutes  ¥22,000-
120minutes ¥30,000-
150minutes ¥38,000-
180minutes ¥46,000-

¥8000 charged for every 30 minutes extended over 180minutes

※Extension Fee

30minutes  ¥10,000-
Membership Fee Free
Mistress designation fee Included in play fee

※Hotel fee :(Limited to Love hotels in Western Juso areas only!)

Extra charge from
¥1.500~(For further information regarding Love hotels, please text by mail)


Guidelines and rules to be followed.
Any person who fits the below will be REJECTED!

・Under 18 years of age (Including high school students)
・Force or negotiate sexual intercourse or act (This includes topless or all nude play, oral, anal and vaginal sex)
・Any personnel affiliated with organized crime
・The use or under the influence of illegal drugs
・Intoxicated under the influence of alcohol
・Diagnosed with STD, HIV, AIDS or has a risk of any
・Harassment towards the Mistresses including physical, verbal or threats
・Lure Mistresses for private session or dating without reservation with our club
・Stalking of any kinds
・Photographing or recording with any devices
・To touch, break or steal the Mistresses belongings
・To confine the Mistresses after the session time has ended
・To relocate the Mistresses to an area, in which contact cannot be taken
・To cancel a session without notification

If any action is taken above; including illegal actions in Japanese Law, session wil be terminated immediately!
Session also may be terminated with the judgement of the Mistresses too. Please note there is NO REFUNDS afterwards!
Due to the nature of the trouble, we will inform the designated police station and/or authorities. You will then be banned from our club afterwards.